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Objectives and Methodologies


Master the fundamental areas of Portuguese law, Resolving practical issues relating to contracts, torts, labor law, property law, lease and condominiums; Analyze and resolve tax matters, focusing on the taxation of capital; Distinguish the types of traders, respective statutes, rights and obligations and the most important transactions in the shop; Master the fundamental rules of organization and operation of commercial private companies and public companies, including at the level of preparation and reporting and analysis of companies; Distinguish the criminal offense of administrative offenses; Resolving issues relating to marriage, in particular, are proprietary in nature and related to death and inventory process; Represent citizens, with public and private entities in particular submission of applications, request records, prepare and grant deeds; Develop requirements and procedural documents and intervene in Court, in particular, the level of enforcement proceedings; To know the rights and duties of the Solicitors professional.


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