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Promote the acquisition of knowledge and skills essential to effectively develop a teaching globalization in all areas of Preschool Education, the 1st Cycle of Basic Education and Mathematics, English Language, History and Geography of Portugal and the Natural Sciences 2 ° Primary School;
To provide knowledge of the overall development process of children from 3-12 years;
Provide expertise to develop skills of expression and communication;
Helping to create environments promoters of equal opportunities in access to education and successful development and learning;
Develop the professional future of Basic Education dimension of research and pedagogical innovation agent, covering the role reflective and creative in the educational process;
Promote the acquisition of skills to intervene responsibly in solving educational problems in school and community;
Develop in future professional basic education a critical to effective confrontation of perspectives about educational problems;
Training professionals with ability and desire for self-training throughout life.


In the course of Basic Education are used different methodologies, adapted to the conductive lines defined by assumptions of the Bologna Process.
The diversification of methodologies proposed by the various courses, it is proposed to facilitate the development of skills and acquisition of knowledge specific to each course

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