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School of Technology and Management


Superior School of Technology and Management, and abbreviated also called ESTIG, is a public school of the Polytechnic Institute of Beja, and abbreviated also known as Polytechnic Institute of Beja, directed towards the scientific, technical and cultural training, being responsible for teaching the preparation of highly qualified professionals and activities promote the development of the region in which falls within the scope of the technologies , of engineering, humanities and management. Is this unit's mission, too, the development of research and dissemination of its results and products, creation and cultural dissemination in its widest sense, contributing to the recognition of the Polytechnic Institute of Beja as a reference, regional, national and international.



The ESTIG was created in 1991 (Decree-Law No. 21 of January 40791). In this Decree determined that its activities were financed by own resources, grants, contributions and cameras located in the geographical area of influence of the school.
This financing model originally planned prevented the beginning of its activities until the publication of Decree-Law No. 304/94, of December 19, which applied to the provisions of general law ESTIG in higher education Polytechnic, particularly with regard to funding.
ESTIG installation began in late 1995 with the appointment of the Director. Subsequently, the Ministry of education, involved the existing courses in the IPBeja and transferred to ESTIG four courses that were proposed and/or were in operation in the other two schools of IPBeja.
Despite having gone into operation in the 1995/96 school year, the met already several steps ESTIG in the development of its academic programs in order to give them greater flexibility and updating.
In the 1995/1996 academic year has started the revision process of the courses transferred from other organic units of the IPB for ESTIG.Amendments to the law of the education system as a result of law No. 115/97, of 19 September, to 1998/1999 ESTIG in the Organization of six Bachelors according to the other model (courses organized in two cycles, the first in three years and the second in duration varies according to the scientific field).





- International Trade

- Electronics and Computers

- Management of social organizations

- Tourist information and Marketing

- Networks and computer systems

- Web technologies and mobile devices


Graduate Courses (1st Bologna cycle)

- Computer Engineering

- Management of companies

- Solicitor

- Tourism



- Industrial Tourism


Master (2nd Bologna Cycle)

- Accounting and finance

- Computer security engineering

- Safety and Hygiene at work



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