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School of Health



Organize and administer the College degree in nursing, and College of environmental health;

Organize and teach graduate courses-Degree of specialization in the area of nursing;

Organize courses and updating intended for valorization of nursing professionals, to high qualitative nursing care and optimization of operating costs of health services;

Develop technical scientific research from its scope;

Support permanent education bodies in the pedagogical field of nursing;

Collaborate on health development in the region in which it operates;

Cooperate with public or private entities, domestic or foreign, with a view to enhancing the scientific level of nursing.



Creation of the School of Nursing of Beja through in October 1975, began its activities in teaching building of its own, with a total of 70 students.

From September 15, 1989 was renamed the school of Nursing of Beja, having been integrated into the national network of Polytechnic higher education since December 23, 1988.

Beginning of Nursing Degree (Bachelor's degree).

The Higher Studies course in nursing in the community.

Opening of the Higher Studies course in Medical-Surgical Nursing.

From October 1999 went on to teach the course of degree in nursing, the Additional Year of training in nursing and Nursing Education complement, all of them leading to the degree of licensed.

In January 1, 2001 this educational establishment has been integrated in the Polytechnic Institute of Beja.

The February 25, 2005 the school of Nursing of Beja was converted into the school of health of Beja.



Graduate Courses (1st Bologna cycle)

- Nursing

- Occupational Therapy


Master (2nd Bologna Cycle)

- Nursing



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