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School of Education 



The Schools of Education are born of urgent need that civil society and the Governments post on April 25 had to provide the teaching of kindergartens and primary schools from 1st to 3rd cycle, with scientific and pedagogically qualified teachers.

This institution of higher education, since its inception, has graduated more than 13000 professionals, from teachers in various areas, the entertainers, the social service technicians, Visual Arts, multimedia, librarians, computer scientists, graduates in the area of sports and recreation, etc. Many of these professionals are inserted into the labour market in the District of Beja, in the remaining regions of the country and some abroad, having become a clear springs of the development of the region, many of them occupy prominent places in our society.



The ESEB initiated the first courses in the academic year 1986/87, that process articulated with the extinction of Primary Teacher Training School of Beja in the same year. School facilities of the Magisterium, belonging to the Diocese of Beja, continued to be used by ESEB, until the construction of own facilities that came to be occupied in January 1994.

At the beginning the ESEB was managed by Installer commissions until, with the end of the installation, the subsequent publication of the statutes, and like the process has already triggered in IPB, if carried out the election of the first Board, whose inauguration took place in March 1996

The ESEB has recorded a remarkable growth since the beginning of its activity.
In 1986/87 started its operation with 1 initial training course and 25 students and gradually began to have 9 initial training courses and specialized training 3.
Betting on the development of new profiles and new skills, from the academic year 2004/05, Minister, from among the existing courses, new courses in the social, technological and artistic areas. licensed




- Child support

- Sports, Leisure and wellness

- Psicogerontologia

- Sound and image

Graduate Courses (1st Bologna cycle)

- Fine arts and multimédia

- Development and Social Entrepreneurship

- Sport

- Basic Education

- Education and multimedia communication

- Social Work

Master (2nd Bologna Cycle)

- School health and physical activity

- Community development and Entrepreneurship

- Special education-specializing in cognitive and Motor Domain

- Preschool education and teaching of the first cycle of basic education

- Community Psicogerontologia


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