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Lectures/Seminars available for proposals from prospective incoming foreign teachers

Computing Engineering Degree Programme

Topic  Lecture Dates
Distributed DataBase October, 15 - 31
DataBase Access Security October, 15 - 31
XML use Advantages October, 15 - 31
Logic circuits technologies December or January
Introduction to VHDL hardware description language December or January
Data Modeling Tools November or December
Structured Analysis and Design Technique November or December
Requirements Analysis November or December
Graph Based Applications January
Data Structures and Algorithms for Multicore Programming January
Modern GPU's and corresponding Algorithms and Data Structures January
Test Driven Programming using Java May 10-14 OR May 31 to June 11
Version Control Systems (e.g. cvs, subversion, mercurial) May 10-14 OR May 31 to June 11
Introduction to Object-Oriented Design with examples in UML and Java May 10-14 OR May 31 to June 11
Embedded system design and programming May/ June
Introduction to VHDL hardware description language May/June
The MATLAB environment.  March
Programming in MATLAB: Linear systems. April
Programming in MATLAB: Numerical solutions of ODE`s.  May
Programming using Scripting Languages May/June
Modern programing languages surveys May/June
Programming in Ruby May/June
DataBase Management & Maintenance May
SQL Language May
DataBase Rearchitecture May
Software Development Process May
Project Management May
CASE Tools May
UNIX Shell Programming April
Introduction to Visual C++ Programming May
Win32 Multithread Programming May
Cisco Security May
PHP and MVC (Model-View-Controller) March-April
ASP.NET and MVC (Model-View Controller) May
Web Services June
Hacking and System Intrusion May


Contact Person: João Paulo Barros (joao.barros@ipbeja.pt)

 Working Plan:

Guest lecturers are requested to prepare a total of 2h30m to 3 hours of lectures and presentations, according to the topic requirements.
• The lectures should be self contained corresponding to a small course about the chosen topic.
• Guest lecturers will have to teach a minimum of 5 hours. Hence, if they prepare less than 5 hours, they should teach two editions: one during daytime and another to evening classes. That will result in a minimum of 5 hours (2 * 2h30m) of effective lecture time.

Deadline for submiting proposal:  November 30 , 2010

Target Audience: Bachelor Students

Selection Criteria:

• Each selection process will assume a maximum number of 3 visitors.
• While the maximum number of visits is not reached, additional visits will be evaluated along the semester.
• The relevance of the proposed working plan to the degree programme goals;
• The proposed learning outcomes to the students;
• The profile of the teacher;
• The creativity of the working plan.
The selection process can have one of two possible results: accepted or rejected. 



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