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Objectives and Methodologies



Appropriate course to the Bologna process since 2006/2007
Course Accredited by the Chamber of Chartered Accountants (OCC)
Educational and Professional Goals:
It is intended that by the end of the course students have acquired skills:


Generic Skills:

Communication and relational skills (ability to listen, to encourage participation and to participate in teamwork); develop a proactive approach that encourages lifelong learning with a high degree of autonomy; Capacity for adaptation and anticipation of changes, flexibility and systemic view of organizations.


Specific Skills:

Ability to identify, analyse and solve the problems of the companies / organizations based on sound management training in core areas of accounting and finance, marketing, operations, human resources and information systems; capability selection, collection and interpretation of information relevant to the functions of management; ability to identify and apply the techniques and methodologies used in the various functional areas of management, supported by a solid interdisciplinary knowledge obtained in the areas of economics, law, social sciences and ethics; ability to understand and act within a framework of increasing globalization, supported by content on internationalization in various courses and additional training in Business English.


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