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Employability / Career Oppotunities

The human being is a social being inserted into a family and a community with a culture, to live in a certain historical period and possessed of a personality. All this makes it unique, but at the same time overall.
He seeks throughout its life cycle, living in a state of harmony with themselves and the society that surrounds it, allowing it to be considered a person with health.
The nurse inserted in a multidisciplinary team, helps a person to find your state of health and harmony keep it by providing care or providing information to the person, family or community.
The nursing professional guide their actions by humanistic principles of respect for the values​​, culture and religion of those who are the target of nursing care.
The Course nursing ESSB an academic degree of bachelor, lasts 4 academic years, corresponding to 240 credits. In each semester there is a period of theoretical and a period of clinical training (practical).
The education of students is developed around the science of nursing, biomedical, social and behavioral.
At the end of the course students can choose to exercise liberal profession in public or private institutions such as:

a) Hospitals;

b) Health Centers;

c) Clinics;

d) Homes for the Elderly;

e) Nursery;

f) Business;

g) Schools;

h) Other 


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