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Curricular Units

Degree or diploma: Bachelor

Prevailing scientific area of the course:

Order No. 13417-BZ/2007

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 Clinical Training : Basics of Nursing9500609182O-1206,5
 Education for Health950060656T-16 TP-12 OT-42
 Food, Nutrition and Health950060756T-16 TP-12 OT-42
 Fundamentals of Health950060370T-20 TP-8 OT-42,5
 History of Nursing950060170T-20 TP-8 OT-42,5
 Human Anatomy and Physiology I9500608112T-48 TP-8 OT-44
 Microbiology and Parasitology950060570T-20 TP-8 OT-42,5
 Nursing Methods and Techniques9500602154T-50 TP-6 PL-28 OT-45,5
 Relational Intervention in Nursing  950060470T-14 TP-6 PL-8 OT-42,5
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 Child and Adolescent Health Nursing9500613140T-50 TP-12 PL-8 OT-45
 Clinical Training: Nursing in Maternal Health and Child and Adolescent Health 9500615350O-23012,5
 Developmental Psychology950061098T-20 TP-20 OT-43,5
 Ethics and Deontology in Nursing950061456T-10 TP-10 OT-42
 Human Anatomy and Physiology II950061184T-22 TP-8 OT-43
 Maternal Health Nursing9500612112T-38 TP-12 PL-10 OT-44
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 Clinical Training: Medical Nursing9500622364O-24013
 Medical Nursing9500616224T-82 TP-6 PL-22 OT-98
 Medicine9500617112T-40 TP-10 OT-44
 Option: Information Systems in Nursing950062056TP-20 OT-42
 Option: Technical English  950062156TP-20 OT-42
 Pharmacology950061884T-40 OT-43
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 Clinical training: Surgical Nursing9500627392O-25214
 Health Psychology950062556T-21 TP-6 OT-42
 Research I9500626112T-25 TP-20 OT-44
 Surgery950062484T-36 OT-43
 Surgical Nursing9500623196T-80 PL-10 OT-97
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 Clinical Teaching: Medical-Surgery Nursing Specialities9500631224O-1458
 Clinical Training: Gerontological and Geriatric Nursing9500632224O-1458
 Gerontological and geriatric nursing9500629140T-40  TP-16 OT-65
 Nursing of medical-surgical specialties9500628154T-60 TP-18 PL-10 OT-65,5
 Research II950063098TP-32 OT-83,5
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 Clinical training - Nursing in Mental Health and Psychiatry9500636224O-1458
 Clinical Training - Pediatric Nursing9500637224O-1458
 Management Applied to Nursing950063570T- 20 TP-12 OT-62,5
 Mental Health and Psychiatry Nursing9500633140T-52 TP-11 PL-9 OT-85
 Pediatric Nursing9500634182T-56 TP-8 PL-8 OT-86,5
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 Bioethics Applied to Nursing950064056T-15 TP-12 OT-42
 Clinical Training: Community Health Nursing9500644392O-25214
 Community Health Nursing9500638182T-61 TP-11 PL-9 OT-96,5
 Family Nursing950063956T-17 TP-10 OT-42
 Law Applied to Nursing950064242T-18 OT-41,5
 Nursing in Palliative Care950064356T-9 TP-18 OT-42
 Sociology of family950064156TP-27 OT-42
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 Traineeship9500645840S-32 E-504 OT-830

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