Audiovisual and Multimedia
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Objectives and Methodology

Goals and Methodologies

The study cycle will allow the student to:

- Know the fundamentals of audiovisual and multimedia technologies, contextualizing them in history and contemporary times.

- Develop specialized knowledge on work processes in the field of audiovisual and multimedia production, editing and dissemination technologies.

- Consolidate skills to use equipment and technologies according to technical, creative and conceptual aspects.

- Develop skills necessary for the use of technologies in audiovisual and multimedia projects in the enhancement of knowledge, endogenous resources and heritage.

- Develop skills in research, organization and analysis of information necessary to solve problems, planning and organizing the different phases of the project.

- Develop a profile of skills, interpersonal and methodological, appropriate to the job market, valuing continuous learning, adapting to change and the portfolio as work tools.


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