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Short Cycle
Viticulture and Enology

This level of training 5 ensures the sequence of formation of the holders of Viticulture Technician course and Enology referenced co Priority 3 (High) nationally and by region of Alentejo and Algarve; this area is part of the structuring line and intelligent PORAlentejo specialization 2020 - Agrifood and Forest Complex, which considers wine as a product with high added value. The Regional Operational Programme Alentejo considers as priority areas, the "Education and Qualificaçãodo Human Capital" and "Employment and economic enhancement of endogenous resources," among others axle, the sector of the wines considered as potential for tourism in the region. The "renewal of the economic base on natural resources and environmental excellence and equity" is considered a priority intervention for the period 2014-2020, with the development and promotion of "Clusters" economic, as the traditional wine great strategic importance. To achieve these goals and objectives, (re) qualification active in this sector is fundamental.
In the "Study of the Impact Predictable the Multiple Alqueva Purpose Project in the Alentejo Human Resources Configuration", published in 2009, wine production is identified in the SWOT analysis as a strength, and is considered one of the row of sub-activities more employment growth capacity in the region.

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