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Short Cycle
Olive Growing, Olive Oil and Table Olives

The Higher Technical Professional Course in Olive growing, Olive Oil and Table Olives consists of four semesters and is structured according to the rules established by legislation and guidelines issued from the “Conselho Coordenador dos Institutos Superiores Politécnicos”. This course is organized to enable Technicians to perform affairs functions of the olive and olive processing and related topics to the olive sector. Thus, there are a set of courses based training, as well as a strong technical component and training in the workplace-based courses in the above mentioned subjects. With CTeSP "Olive Growing, Olive Oil and Table Olives" is intended to train graduates able to: advise and intervene in all operations of the olive sector, from the installation of olive plants to the bottling/packing and marketing the final products, including soil preparation, planting , cultural operations of installation and maintenance of plantation, olives harvest, transport, storage and marketing fresh products,  oil extraction, olives conservation, storage processes, respecting and implementing all the good practices needed to ensure the sustainability and quality of olives production, olive oil and pickled olives, operator safety and protection of the environment, and contributing to the sustainable economic development of the company. With this plan is intended, therefore, to meet the challenges of modernization, innovation and training in the context of the emerging dynamics of olive sector.

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