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Short Cycle
Environmental Protection Systems

The Higher Technical Vocational Course in Environment Protection Systems consists of four semesters and is structured according to the  rules established by the law and the guidelines issued by the  Coordinating Council of Polytechnic Institutes.  For this, there are a set of basic  training courses as well a strong technical and training component in  the workplace grounded in courses in the area of Environmental  Protection.This course is organized to enable High  Technicians to perform functions in the areas of Environmental Protection, based on scientific and technological knowledge of the natural environment, the different ecosystems and their interactions, evaluation techniques of environmental quality and impacts caused by polluting sources, of control and management of environmental quality and management of natural areas.
Graduates will have a profile of skills, enabling them to collaborate and integrate teams for implementation of strategies and programs of their training area, such as:
-The protection and improvement of the quality of water resources, soil and air;
-Collaboration with farmers to adopt agricultural practices  compatible with conservation targets; - -Ecological and efficient management of the residues, ensuring the  preservation of resources, applying the principles of "reduce,  recycle, and reuse;                                                                                       -Eco efficient water management, in the adoption of measures and performance indicators;                 - Adaptation to climate change, extreme climate events (eg drought)  and the regeneration of environmental liabilities;                                                                                                                                                -Dissemination of knowledge and awareness and environmental education  to relevant target public;     - Agro-tourism.                                                                                                                                                    With this plan is intended, therefore, respond to the challenges of  modernization, innovation and training that currently are placed in  the context of the emerging dynamics of environmental protection.

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