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Vânia Bejinha

It was the great contribution of ESAB in several respects, particularly in terms of personal and professional growth!
Describes them in a general manner in three phases:
* Ability to meet and interact with peers, faculty and staff who accompanied me throughout my school career, and it certainly always accompany me one way or another in my personal and professional future;
* Acquisition of theoretical knowledge and technical professional who facilitated quickly enter the working world;
* Valuing staff that gives me a guaranteed prospect of a better future.
These are the major points that marked my passage through ESAB beyond that of a school, was a second home for some years to which I know I can always come back when you need ...

Susana Caixinha

Hello, I'm Susan Canister, studied at ESAB and took a degree in Engineering Agro-Livestock Irrigation branch in 2005. This training was very useful to me in both my personal and professional life. I really liked the environment and the relationship between teachers and students who were always available to help us in what was possible.
My thanks to all.

Gonçalo Líbano Monteiro

When a Sunday afternoon I was asked to present my testimony about my passage through the Agrarian School of Beja, I felt a mixture of pride and inability to describe.
I wrote and rewrote it countless times, always ending by pressing the DELETE My Computer.
I was worried about prosar beautiful and profound and not always'm leaning towards this nostalgia as Portuguese.
We are at the height of the World Cup, and not a few times you hear on television interviews with coaches from each country, they respond that they are not interested in playing nice, but to win the games.
So I'm in this testimony, writing, not beautiful, just write what were those years that made me the man I am now.
In fact, the passage by the School of Agriculture Beja was a true transformation of my person.
Login boy and come out a man well prepared for life and the challenges it holds, is the great summary of what I do for my ticket Beja.
I got guy like that, with all the questions of who leaves his city, leaving behind family and friends and a great uncertainty about the future, but a great desire to learn - above all - the desire to learn by doing as dictates
school motto.
The spirit of camaraderie that was felt from the start, came to me today when I review some of my classmates when we crossed professionally or simply when we sit down at the breakfast table drinking memories.
It is great pride to see them at work, being respected and recognized in their professional activities.
I owe these people my integration in this city and this school.
The work and the spirit of sacrifice, self-help and "descomplexo" to get to work, values ​​that were instilled in me during my visit to Beja and that has helped me greatly in my professional life.
The not knowing everything but knowing where to look for information, not looking for work and employment and ability to adapt to various life situations, are maxims that were forwarded to me and I appreciate that greatly.
Talking the talk is ESAB teachers and innovation in the teaching. Learning by doing was and is the motto of this school being full of truth and practicality.
I dare say that this form of teaching emphasizes this very institution of the other, and prepares, as I prepared myself for the first professional challenge.
But on one hand how teaching is innovative, it is no less important who imparts knowledge. I was fortunate to be taught by a group of people who above all have love for ESAB project and a great ability to impart knowledge and an enhanced capacity to have me thorough.
I can not end this testimony without further thank colleagues, faculty and staff of this institution, and of course ... a great Alentejo and VIVA to VIVA to a large Portuguese Agriculture.

Lénia Viana

A degree in Agronomy in my opinion has some positive and some negative. First of all I would like to talk about the good relationship that existed between student / teacher. I found it very positive terms feel free to ask for help when needed and these teachers, in general, be available to help us, I refer not only to the fact that we indicate where it would be easier to find information to accomplish our work over course, it also helped us when we need to answer questions previously frequencies / exams.
Without this close relationship I think it would not be possible.
As for the course itself run into me now, in professional life, with some gaps. In my opinion it is a little difficult to leave the students with the same degree of knowledge in 3 years compared to 5 years. The course modules and materials that lifelong professional does not need while other important needs. For example, herbology (to acquire knowledge about the weeds that exist in the soil for later recommend the most appropriate herbicide for disposal) and flowers are very important in agricultural engineering, because not all students will work on olive growing, viticulture and horticulture
Betting on increasing hours of practice would also be positive. For feels this need now in professional day-to-day.
I refer for example to contact with irrigation programs, observation of fertilization methods using such programs ie, be aware of new technologies that are increasingly applied to agriculture also.
I think the teachers responsible for the course committee may consider a restructuring of this degree.

Adriana Guerreiro

I have great memories of my time at ESAB, and is always proud to speak of this "family."
ESAB was in that got the solid foundations and comprehensive knowledge structure that allowed me to join the best in professional life.
As it was with great anticipation that I entered the novelty and ESAB, tradition and knowledge found here.
It was an intense period of personal and academic growth adjacent to a human who persisted in the discovery of a complex and multidisciplinary professional world.
The fact that the degree in Agricultural Eng have a high level of care and be multidisciplinary, allowed me to not only ensure the specificity and expertise to my work performance, but also a broad knowledge that spans other areas (Management,
Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, GIS ...)
The pair is the Faculty which is a huge asset.
Experienced and highly competent academic, gives a solid and grounded to the theoretical and practical knowledge acquired.
Saudade, learning and fellowship, are the three words that best describe my ticket by ESAB.

Elisabete Maria Rosa

They asked me to witness to my passage by ESAB.
It is difficult to convey the emotions experienced while a student of this institution.
And I say it's hard, because this experience was lived late, since I enrolled in a course in Agricultural Eng older than 23, and the emotions are even stronger.
I can say that surpassed my expectations, because there is a certain fear on my part, since it was older than my classmates and have some fear of failing to reconcile the frequency of the course with my professional and personal life.
I tell you it was an experience they'll never forget. Enriched me professionally and personally.
Contact with all colleagues who affectionately called her "my kids" and they called me "mother" was enriching, and created friendships too big.
The relationship with the faculty was wonderful (but this is not news, because I knew them), as well as student'm also an official of this house.
There was throughout the very large heal a willingness on the part of everyone in the resolution of issues and questions that arose, and the interaction between all been a constant.

Fatima Matos

It starts in 2000/2001, when I could not go to nursing, I ran for the School of Agriculture and entered Beja.
The beginning was a bit tricky to adapt custei me, it was all very different from what I imagined, but over time I've been adapting and started liking Course Agronomy, the teachers were friendly and affordable. I began to make new friends who will stay for the rest of his life. I recall with some nostalgia the time school, the bustle of exams, work, school, etc.. Today I am a young Licensee, although it has not yet been able to exercise my profession, I do not change my course or the school where I studied for nothing.
I really enjoyed the five years I spent in the School of Agriculture Beja, spent five years in the "family."
"Strange but then penetrates up to the Agrarian spirit."

Helena Manuel

"As a former student of this school, I now offer my congratulations. Educational institution As professionals, it is undoubtedly holds merit. I am satisfied that the level of employability of the students of this school is approximately 100%, which reflects the quality of education against the background of the agricultural region. Regarding the precurso my school, this was undoubtedly very profitable, making entering the labor market with high practical knowledge. Moreover, I note also the
excellent relationship teacher / student that has always existed, so there is a constant sharing of knowledge, even after finishing the course. Well there are. "

João Guerreiro

The first contact with the college land of Beja, was established at the time of application to higher education but through referrals from friends and acquaintances about the institution. Enrollment in the course of crop production based training with classroom lessons reinforced in practice on farms and accompanied school visits to regional entrepreneurs and farmers gave me a set of knowledge of theoretical and practical essential that give me the ability to look
, deepen and especially filter indispensable knowledge to my professional life.
Apart from academic training in college agrarian Beja could benefit from this and protocols established between higher education institutions and international supplement my training under Erasmus in Italy.
Currently I use some of the services provided by the school and often clarify questions and share ideas with teachers, and I consider myself consider coworker, establishing bonds of knowledge that I turn to whenever necessary and that makes me more capable performance of my profession.

Pedro Mota

And it all started some time ago ... when I finished training in Agricultural School and joined the ESAB.
He was sure of what I wanted to do!
Upon arrival, the hazing ... there was laughter, shouts, songs, joy, excitement, parties ... the insignia of ESAB were transmitted by veterans, was essential for the friendship and the spirit of togetherness.
We begin here our "career", while grown men and received the first values.
In class we learned and breaking increasingly the way ... I remember learning that teachers and enabled us forever, they'll be grateful.
The ties of friendship created between teachers and students persist even after the training.
ESAB is a school facing working life, which prepares us for the reality.
Today in the competitive world of "reality", I recall with great nostalgia the old school days, moments of strenuous work, of learning, of experience, but also the good times that life gave me academic Bejense.

Nuno Farracho

Yesterday, in the recent past angariei knowledge in an educational establishment, whose name is beja School of Agriculture, today the recall learning and doing in order to develop a better future for our society.
Greetings and salutations land.

José Martins

It is with pleasure that I provide this testimony because I had the pleasure of studying in the School of Agriculture Beja, which stands out among the many advantages the family atmosphere that lives between students and teachers, the major conditions for agricultural activities in terms related to the sector order to better prepare future professionals for the new realities that will find opportunities to meet successful examples in the region, good conditions "physical" and that the school has teachers that are references in different areas and that helps us evolve
as students and people.

Filipa Lobato

The entry in higher education always means a big change. For me it was the realization of a dream, but on the other hand, expressed a certain degree of uncertainty and anxiety, it is the beginning of a different life.
However, when I came to this school, I adapted quickly, because I found a fun and relaxed atmosphere, good teachers are always available and ready to help and of course good friends with whom I grew up and build memories that accompanied me forever.

Idália Guerreiro

"It was in the year 90/91 I joined the School of Agriculture Beja. I joined the Bachelor of Agricultural Production my 1st choice in the list of candidates.
Some years later, I did a degree in Engineering Agro-Livestock - Irrigation Branch at the same institution.
I think I had a very diverse training, great quality and very oriented "Learning by doing".
It was with this type of learning I acquired the knowledge and the necessary groundwork to start my professional life.
I can say that what we do today and I'm in much the Agrarian School of Beja and all those who contributed to it through it. "
Thank you ESAB.

José Dores

When I got to the school of Agriculture Beja (ESAB), in 1991, found a school expanding, both in terms of facilities both in terms of human resources. Already at that time, as now, there was on the part of teachers wanting to put into practice the motto of this school "learning by doing", which greatly contributed to the solidification of most of the theoretical knowledge learned.
This Lemma is only possible thanks to implement a set of structures that the school has been arming over the years, with regard to my area, the Farm, the Center for Agricultural Experimentation and horticultural center.
On my journey this school, either during the Bachelor of Agricultural Production, or Diploma in Agro-Livestock Irrigation Branch, or in the Masters in Integrated Production, always felt a close follow-up and total availability on the part of teachers, even outside office hours
school to provide any clarification or doubts me out, so even when I came to this institution to do my academic training.
From my experience I have been accumulating over the years, I keep some contact with other educational institutions, when I stop to look back on teaching at ESAB have no doubt that this institution has some of the best teachers that I
sent much of the knowledge I have today and made me grow as a man and as a person.
Sometimes when I work with people my age formed in other Higher Education Institutions with larger and name that ESAB I feel very happy and proud to see and feel that in terms of theoretical and practical knowledge, so do not talk, I'm
at their level.
To conclude my statement I mean that I feel very proud to have been a student of ESAB and have had some teachers as teachers of this school. 


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