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1 - Objectives

In the course of Agronomy, the courses of General Horticulture, Fruits General, Irrigation Techniques II, I Crops, Horticulture Special Crops II, Olive Growing and Viticulture have an internship, students will perform at ESAB or other Institution or Company .
This stage aims to acquire interpersonal skills, such as initiative, critical thinking, independent learning ability, the ability to adapt to new situations, the ability to work organization and even instrumental skills in each area, about which work is performed.

2 - Contents

The student must perform a job or monitor an activity proposed by the teacher responsible for the course in a public or private entity and prepare a report in accordance with the objectives set.

3 - Duration

The internship takes place in the school year and throughout the semester in deriving the courses mentioned above.

4 - Evaluation

The classification of the report should contribute 25% to the final mark of the course.

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