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Objectives and Methodologies

The objectives of the course are Agronomy training of technicians that meet the requirements of the labor market.
The Agricultural Engineer must always bear in mind that new cultural options and new technical routes pass through the rational use of inputs. Furthermore, should be framed in agro-ecological systems in which the protection and preservation of the environment are priority objectives in order to contribute to agricultural sustainability, ie develop an economy that meet the needs of the present generation without compromising the potential future.
Must have the ability to manage agricultural systems with high productivity, taking into account the protection of natural resources, maintaining the sustainability of production and ensuring food quality and safety.

The coaches have also trained in agronomy expertise within the commercial side and the post-harvest, so that they can effectively develop their business in a highly competitive market.

The methodologies adopted in this course are based on the motto: "LEARNING BY DOING", which means that students have many practical classes in laboratories, and field trips.
Have the opportunity to follow the different crops in the field and perform all cultural practices inherent in each.


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