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Bioanalytic Technologies

The study plan of the Bioanalytical Technologies course aims to provide scientific and technological knowledge in the areas of:
(i) sampling planning and procedures;
(ii) implementation and development of analytical quality control programs;
(iii) laboratory safety and hygiene management;
(iv) management of laboratories;
(v) management and quality control of matrices of the different fields of action of the course:
             (a) environmental (waters, soils and sediments, air, noise and solid waste);
             (b) food (raw materials and processed products of plant and animal origin);
             (c) agro-environmental (plants and soil) and clinical;
(vi) risk assessment (human and environmental) of hazardous substances.



Students of the 1st year of the degree in Bioanalytical Technologies visited the Institute of Legal Medicine

On December 12sd, 2018  the students of the 1st year of the degree in Bioanalytical Technologies, went to Lisbon to the Institute of Legal Medicine where they attended the lecture under the theme "Genetic Services and Forensic Biology" and visited the Laboratories of Chemistry Services Toxicology Forensics.

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