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Occupational therapy promotes health by engaging in meaningful occupations and treatment contexts between hospital systems, semi-inpatient and outpatient, home care and community intervention (preferred and meaningful context client). The Occupational Therapy study cycle confers the academic bachelor's degree and lasts four academic years corresponding to 240 credits. In each semester there is a theoretical period and a clinical teaching period (practical).

Students training is developed through therapy and rehabilitation, occupational, biomedical, social and behavioral sciences.

At the end of Occupational Therapy study cycle students may choose to exercise liberal profession or private and public institutions such as:

1. Hospitals; Health Centers; Rehabilitation Clinics; Mental Health Clinics

2. Private Institutions;

3. Schools; Kindergartens; Resource Centre for Inclusion;

4. Nursing Homes and Day Care;

5. City Council;

6. Among others.


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