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Objectives and Methodology

General Objectives

With the Social Work Course aims to train professionals to develop their performance based on theoretical knowledge - methodological, technical - operational and ethical - political.

Specific objectives

The knowledge of historical conditions, social, political, economic and cultural conditions that led to the emergence and institutionalization of Social Work;
The domain of principles, methods, attitudes and purposes of professional practice in different streams of Social Work;
The contextualization, interpretation and understanding of the field of Social Work, the existing and emerging demands in the Portuguese reality, embedded in European and international level;
The knowledge and examination of the relationships between Social Work and Social Policy at the levels of intervention, design, interpretation and evaluation;

The development of skills in research in Social Work using methods and techniques;
Building relationships in the context of stage, encompassing the academic and social, institutional and socio - professional;
The domain-level relational skills and inter-cultural;
The ethical-political reflection, for an intervention to promote and protect the ethical and human rights.


Oral exposure with use of information and communication technologies; theoretical practical exercises on the thematic content; practical simulation exercises and the use of invited experts. The evaluation process may be of a diagnostic, formative and summative and translate in its entirety in written work, records, tests, exams and oral exams.

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